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What happens if you cause damage to the vehicle during the rental?

MS RENT CAR adopts a simple and clear procedure of damage management (detection, estimation and charging) that may be caused to you by the vehicle during the rental of damages.

Your liability in the event of damage may not be complete

Please keep in mind that, depending on the type of Insurance Coverage activated for the rental and reported on the contract itself, you may not be required to pay damages, that is, it may be required only to compensate a part of the damages. Please also refer to the indications given on the MS RENT CAR website in the SERVICES / EXTRA / INSURANCE COVERINGS section.

In addition, normal wear and tear, as defined in the General Rental Conditions, will not be considered damage.

1) Damages found with you at the time of returning the vehicle

If, at the time the vehicle is returned, the person in charge and / or the MS RENT CAR representative present at the rental office or the place of redelivery were to find damages, you will be able to recognize your responsibility for such damages by signing the specific form and section of the rental letter. MS RENT CAR will provide to quantify the damages (repair costs and possible technical stop) to a contracted body, increased by the fee for the management of the claim (75.00 €).

The repair estimate will be sent to the customer who will have 14 days from sending the documentation to make any complaints. After this deadline without receiving any complaints, we will bill and debit the amounts communicated to your credit card.

Repair costs may vary depending on the type of damage.

In the case of road accidents involving third parties, or if you decide not to sign the report on damages detected at the end of the rental, the procedure described below will be applied (point 2).

2) Damages identified after the closing of the rental and the return of the vehicle

(For example, if the vehicle has been returned outside the opening hours or in a place other than the agreed one)

If the representative and / or representative of MS RENT CAR identifies damages at the time of inspection of the vehicle in his absence (eg in case of vehicle returned after office closing hours), or in the other cases mentioned above, MS RENT CAR will send you the following documents:

– A report on the damages detected at the end of the rental, describing all the damages found

– Photos of the damages found

– Estimate of the costs of repair and technical detention (if applicable), as well as of the amount of the fee for the claim (€ 75.00).

If you wish to dispute the damage or the cost of the repair, you can contact us by e-mail or by registered letter A / R within 14 days. from sending the documentation. After this deadline without receiving any complaints, we will bill and debit the amounts communicated to your credit card.

3) Complaints

If you wish to dispute your damage bill, you can send a complaint to our Customer Service (msrentautonoleggio@gmail.com).