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What is long-term rental?

Long-term rental is a viable alternative to buying and leasing a car: against a fixed monthly fee, you will not have to worry about paying a huge advance for the purchase of the car and you will finally be relieved by the thought of the expenses management, such as stamp duty, insurance and maintenance.

Why is the rental convenient?

With long-term car hire, you can benefit from a range of operational and financial benefits.

Our variety of rental offers, with or without advance, allows you to meet all your mobility needs and all your personalization needs. The rental is convenient because it ensures a fixed and programmable expense, with numerous services to support your mobility, guaranteed by the reliability of an experienced and professional partner such as LeasePlan.

 We will be by your side for the duration of the rental, relieving you from the duties related to the management of the vehicle.

At the end of the contract you can return the vehicle or replace it with a new rental order, in order to ensure a new and efficient car.

Which vehicle can I rent?

You can choose any new car or commercial vehicle of any brand

Services included in the rental fee

  • ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance
  • road assistance 24h.
  • property tax
  • matriculation and putting on the road
  • insurance
  • telematic systems for accidents and thefts
  • delivery at a discounted center
  • Options:
  • courtesy car
  • fuel card
  • change of winter/summer tires

What is the indicative cost of a rental?

Rental for a small car can start from € 150/200 per month

You can rent an average car with a monthly charge starting from € 250 / € 300

You can rent a big car with a monthly cost starting from € 350 / € 400



What does the duration of the contract and mileage mean?

Duration: you can choose the duration of the contract, from 1 up to 60 months

Mileage: you can choose the total number of kilometers that you plan to travel until the end of the contract

Example: a 120,000 km and 36 month rental agreement means 40,000 kilometers a year for 3 years.

At the end, the kilometers covered in more or less will be reimbursed or debited.



Individuals, Professionals with VAT number, Companies, Public Bodies


Requirements such as: income, number, type and value of vehicles to be hired, years of activity are assessed

Guarantees can be requested: an advance to lower the fee or a security deposit, which is returned at the end of the rental period

What are the insurance coverage?

The insurance coverage offered is: RCA, PAI (driver accidents), limitation of liability for fire / theft and accidental damage (kasko), road assistance 24 hours a day.

Moreover, if you choose the free installation of an on-board device, you can save money on the rental fee.


Who can drive the car? Only the underwriter of the contract or other people?
Depends: whether private or firm. If private can use it all the members of the family. If firm all members and employees. Exactly how it would happen if you bought it. The rules are dictated by the highway code, either the car bought or rented. In many cases, if I have to lend the car, a written proxy is sufficient.
What are the costs in the event you go beyond the kilometers provided for by the contract? Are the costs shown in the quotes and vary from car to car?
The costs for the mileage surpluses are minimal and always indicated in the official estimate that will receive and obviously depend on the segment to which the vehicle belongs. Generally we start from 0.005 to km up to about 0.012 for high-end cars (that is, from 500 € up to about 1200 for every 10,000 km more). Even if you travel less kilometers, the contract provides for a refund in your favor. The mileage difference can also be remodulated and spread in the contract fee in progress, if you notice you travel more or less kilometers than expected.
Can I change the distance and the contract duration already activated?
Certainly. All canons can be reshaped along the way and you will be able to change both duration and mileage. All in great transparency.
What are possible costs for the early termination of the contract?
It depends on the multinational providing the service and on the legal nature of the client (private or company). Generally, the recalculations for early repayment are not, however, real penalties because they broadly reflect what would happen to you if you had bought, by financing the car, and then resold it earlier than expected (devaluation on an annual basis greater in first 2 years compared to the amount paid in constant installments designed over 4 or 5 years)
Does the contract revision have costs?
No. There are no costs for contractual revisions. It is reshaped by means of the “recalculation” tool and the fee varies more or less according to the requirements indicated by the customer. The difference in fee (for example € 20 more per month) is added to the subsequent fees and, as regards the previous one, in a single solution, generally debited the month following the recalculation.

The mileage bands are customizable (eg 15.000,13.000, 37.000 Km / year) or are they standard (10.000, 20.000 ecc)?

Obviously yes. We can draw contracts from 5,000 km up to 200,000 without restrictions in the intermediate thousands.

Is the advance customizable?
Certainly. The advance indicated on the website is only an example standard. What you pay in advance is your choice that will decrease proportionally with the monthly fee. It is also possible, subject to credit approval, to request the service without paying any advance.

Can the car be purchased when the contract expires?

Yes, and even the real market value of the moment, which will be much lower than the residual value generated by the difference between what the car cost and what you paid as “financial” (pure car rental excluding services ). Let me explain: with you you will pay from the financial point of view (know that the total rent is divided into financial fees and service fee) only a share “depreciation” of the car and, this share, projects a total so low that if put Compared to the real devaluation of the vehicle considering the period you have chosen, you should buy it at a very high value. I’ll give you an example to make you better understand: we assume that the car costs € 25,000 and that you with us pay from the financial point of view (pure rental) in 4 years only 8,000. What would it mean? It would mean that you are guaranteed a depreciation that you would not be able to achieve independently (buying and selling the car personally), or a depreciation so low as to be even lower than the devaluation that the same vehicle would have had even if I had bought used. So, once you understand the real convenience of our rental fees of the new, you will hardly think of buying a used one. In a nutshell: the same car taken new to hire with us will cost you both in depreciation and in management, even less than the same model purchased used.

why should I rent it instead of buying it?

• The cliché that has always led us to think that by buying a car we will also become owners is not conceptually correct.
• We are in fact owners only of those things that endure over time and we are NOT owners of those objects of which we enjoy the function for a certain period but that, in a short time and with the use, they lose value, up to zero … or even, in the case of cars, below zero, because their management cost at the end of the cycle can exceed the nominal real value.
• The car is one of these. A means of transport is almost completely depreciated over a decade.
• That is to say, when we buy a car and then sell it again after a certain period, putting back a certain amount, in reality and without realizing it, we are renting it
However, we are paying and financing the full amount of the purchase price, even if we enjoy only one part of it. At the end of the period of use, whether it is 3,4 or 10 years, the market will return, through the resale of used equipment, the residual amount to the residual value; amount that we will have already unnecessarily anticipated in full by buying it. Why pay everything if only I enjoy it?
• What does this all mean? It means that if we pay for example a vehicle € 30,000 and sell it after a certain period, used, € 10,000 will mean that we have spent € 20,000 to use the car, or: our cost of using the vehicle will be equal to its depreciation (€ 20,000). Amount to which we will also have to add any interest and financial charges of the loan or lease, in addition to other costs related to services (insurance, stamp duty, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, etc.).
• To use a vehicle, whether purchased or rented, we will therefore have to face two macro items of expenditure:
a) financial costs (depreciation and bank charges)
b) operating costs (services)
• The large long-term rental companies do nothing but replace us in this kind of activity made of purchase-resale and management services, but given the economies of scale, they do it at best and, above all, save us.
• You will understand now why, with us, many of the cars, which perhaps cost more than the list, have smaller fees if rented; for the charterer (as it would be for you) it is the depreciation that counts and not the starting price. The difference lies in the fact that, with the rental, the lowest total future expenditure becomes immediately evident in a lower fee, while with the purchase it is discovered only at the end. Many customers, generally accustomed to buy, are oriented towards products that will have a high devaluation index, because they are attracted by a low or discounted initial price, not knowing that, in all probability, they will sell the used product very badly. They will therefore have been “fascinated” by an initial installment of lower funding but will have more money in total management.
• To the question:
“When you buy it, what are you actually doing?”
• The answer is:
“You are hiring but without knowing it”.
And besides, you are spending more money on that form of “unconscious hire” than I would have spent renting it with one of our offers.
• How do the multinationals of the rental to be more “good” than you? It is simple and there is no mystery: the companies we represent hold fleets that fluctuate around 1,500,000 units. You will understand well the purchasing power that you hold and you will understand well how they can be better than any single user in the purchase, in the resale of the used and in the management of the service costs.
In other words, with the rental:
• You choose it, personalize it and enjoy it for the period you want, paying a small fee that is far cheaper in its entirety compared to the purchase (difference between purchase-resale value + management).
• We buy it for you at the best price, then we manage it by optimizing costs and selling it to the best, saving you a lot and taking away any redemption obligation and any form of unexpected

What kind of vehicles can I rent?
We are a Multibrand Long Term Rental Operator, so you can choose any new car, of any make and model, indicating how the equipment and accessories are dealt with in the dealership.
It is true that “Long-term rental is only worthwhile if you do a few kilometers”.
Mistaken. Our rental fees are always cheaper than buying. Obviously the monthly amount related to high mileage will increase slightly compared to a standard mileage, but the total outlay will still be much lower than the autonomous management (purchase of the new and final resale of the used good), or to the devaluation that the vehicle it would suffer during the period of use for the kilometers traveled. Contact us without obligation to receive a personalized quote.
It is true that it is “Better to buy it because, once you have reached the end of the loan, the car is yours. But if you rent it, you do not have anything left “.
Mistaken. By purchasing it, you will pay the full amount of the car (bank interest included in the case of financing), so the residual value that you think “will remain” actually you have already anticipated it completely. On the other hand, with our particularly advantageous rental rates, the cost related to the pure use of the vehicle (ie the fee called the “financial rent”) will allow you to pay in installments for a small amount only that part of the vehicle cost related to the pure devaluation period (improving it drastically compared to normal market depreciation). So at the end of the contract you will have paid only for that part of the purchase price for which you will have enjoyed the asset, without any uncertainty about future resale, and also you will not have to support any final maxirata. You can, however, be free to request to purchase the vehicle you used by paying it for the current market price. However, if you understand the real economic benefits of our rental fees, you will realize that a new rental vehicle will cost you even less than the management of the same used car.
It is true that if I keep the car for 10 years the rental is not convenient?
Mistaken. The car is an asset that depreciates (its value tends to just over zero over a decade). In many cases we even speak of “below zero” value, as extraordinary maintenance interventions can exceed the market value of the vehicle in costs. Therefore, with the same financial investment that you would face in 10 years, we could even provide you with the same new vehicle for 3 times as LT hire in the same period. Put us to the test and request an analysis of the canon
how is calculated the fee for long-term rental?
difference of the traditional loan rate, based exclusively on the total amount of the vehicle, whose true cost of use will only be discovered AFTER THE RESALE OF THE USED GOOD, the rental fee installs, in addition to all services (operating fee), only the pure devaluation of the vehicle (financial fee including the theoretical portion of interest that the customer would have in the case of financed purchase), all proportionally to the period and mileage indicated in the contract. For more information go to the page “useful information”.
tax treatment
Generally the tax rules that regulate long-term rentals are the same applied in the case of purchase. The huge difference is, with the same deductibility, in the economic savings that you can enjoy through our rental fees. It is in fact easily and MATHEMATICALLY demonstrable, in hand accounts, that it is part of the total rent related to the pure rental (financial rent: depreciation of the asset), and the part inherent to services (operating fee) project costs significantly lower than the purchase made own.
Long-term rentals simplify the tax management from the individual vehicle to the management of real corporate fleets.
All costs related to the car are collected and simplified within a single monthly invoice, this will allow you to avoid forgetfulness by omitting one or more expenses incurred for the car, but above all, allows you to take advantage of a deductibility and deductibility that when it comes to good for instrumental use, they can reach up to 100%, even in the case of rentals that are less than a period of 48 months, a detail that outlines a better flexibility in identifying a rental fee in line with company needs .
Another factor that determines a significant economic advantage in rental LT lies in the linearity of the deduction of VAT to 40%. In fact, with the LT rental, compared to the purchase, this deduction does not entail the additional economic losses that we would have instead once reached the resale and invoicing of the asset used to the concessionaire. In fact, if we have to invoice the car exposing the VAT to only 40%, the car dealer (which is instead subject to VAT at 100%) will have to give the vehicle a lower value, in order to compensate for the difference. All this affects the financial costs of management, compared to the rental, of the “iron” part, ie costs related to depreciation.
To view the tables go to the section of the site dedicated to taxation.
Is the contract flexible? Can I withdraw in advance?
All contracts are flexible and can be reviewed at any time via the recalculation tool which represents the possibility of re-setting the contract during the period of use of the car. I can change the mileage, the services included or even request a recalculation that updates the value of the car with respect to the fees paid in the event of early termination.
What are the times of vehicle delivery?
Delivery times of the vehicle ordered by you may vary, as a consequence of the chosen make and model. In fact, we buy the cars directly from the manufacturers, and the waiting times depend therefore on the normal times by the builders.
So if you do not want to wait for the standard production times, in many cases, we can offer you a car immediately available in the same configuration or as similar as possible to your request.
What documents do you need to proceed with the rental?
To proceed with the order, the documents to prepare are:
for individuals: last 2 paychecks, CUD model, photocopy doc. identity and Tax Code.
For companies and individual companies:
• the latest financial statements or Single Model, accompanied by the certificate of successful electronic submission to the Revenue Agency
• the certificate of the Chamber of Commerce or VAT registration
• the signed privacy model
• a photocopy of the document of the legal representative
For newly established companies (open for less than a year):
• Copy of identity document and tax code of the legal representative
• Updated visa or VAT registration if there is no registration in CCIA
• Privacy form signed and stamped
For individuals:
• last 2 paychecks
• CUD model
• photocopy of your ID and Fiscal Code
• the signed privacy model
For retired people (maximum age 75 years):
• Copy of identity document and Tax Code
• Privacy form signed
• Copy the last 3 pension coupons
What is it about Long Term Rental?
Long-Term Rental is a formula for the acquisition and management of cars and commercial vehicles, an alternative to ownership and leasing, accessible to VAT players, professionals, small, medium and large companies and individuals.
Long-term rental contracts range from a minimum duration of 12/24 months to a maximum of 60 months, for a total mileage defined in advance and in any case not exceeding 200,000 km.
The advantages for you:
• the fee is monthly and fixed, calibrated on your spending capacity.
• The rental company takes care of financing the purchase of the vehicle you have chosen, without any kind of limitation on the type of brand, model and equipment.
• You will access costs of management and depreciation of the vehicle much lower than those that you would have managed buying and reselling independently.
• From the time of delivery of the new vehicle, you can arrange the car until the expiration of the contract, taking advantage of all the included services, guaranteeing driving safety, and freeing yourself of concerns related to the devaluation of the car and its operational management.
• You will be able to access: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance; tire change; roadside assistance; replacement vehicle in case of breakdown, accident and theft, included in the contract and usable through the network; comprehensive insurance cover and fuel card.
• You will free yourself from the burdensome management activities related to the payment of property taxes or the resale of the vehicle
• You will not have any additional bank exposure.
What do I do of the vehicle in my possession, if I move to Long Term Rental?
With our retirement formula, moving to Long Term Rental is quick and easy. Contact us for an evaluation of your used vehicle. The agreed amount will not bind to any anticipation in the rental contract.
What advantages does Long Term Rental offer with respect to ownership and leasing?
With respect to ownership, long-term rentals have financial benefits and operational advantages.
• Benefits of a financial nature: you have the possibility to pay only the value in use of the vehicle (cost of depreciation of the vehicle) and not the entire nominal value, as is the case with purchase.
• Operational advantages: you have the opportunity to benefit from the economies of scale granted to rental companies, plus, a monthly amount planned prematurely, including every road service on the vehicle and away from any uncertainty and unexpected expense.
• Your economic savings are twofold: on the financial front, you will buy the car at a low price, on the services one, you will enjoy the low costs and the preferential channels that we have reserved for you.
Compared to leasing contracts, real financial contracts, Long-Term Rental allows you to stay away from any risk in the resale of the vehicle and to equip the car with all the services, including them in the same fee already provided for its acquisition.


  •    Company name / free Professional
    • Reference person
    • Address with house number
    •Postal Code
    C.F. (fiscal code)
    P.I (vat num.)
    Num. home phone
    Fax num.
     mobile num.
    • Type of car / type of equipment
    • Km / year to be covered
    • Contract duration
    • Advance (yes / no)
    • Winter tires (yes / no)
  • Courtesy car (yes/no)