DISCOVER TUSCANY WITH US !!




You can rent a car (city or economy category as Renault Twingo or Fiat Punto Evo/Panda or similar) even without a credit card in place of which will be required as a guarantee of the rental, including debit cards, prepaid cards, ATM cards, BancoPosta, cash or checks.

If this does not happen, MS RENT reserves the right not to deliver the car and relieves itself of any responsibility.
The refund of the deposit can be made by bank transfer within 5/7 days with administrative costs charged to the customer of € 15.00

Requested documents :

-Bank check guarantee of € 700 / € 1500 (depending on the model required) to be previewed in copy 2 working days before the rental for bank checks (It will be returned 24 hours after the end of the rental). The security deposit varies depending on the vehicle chosen, the age of the driver, the insurance covers chosen and the duration of the contract.

In case of urgency, a circular check of the same amount is required.

-Bank document indicating the number and the holder of the current account.

-Last bill of light of house welded for verification of residence

-Identity document and driving license. The holder of the documents must be present at the time of collecting the car to sign the contract.


It is also possible to use the credit card of a third person as a guarantee of rental, on condition that a special proxy signed by the owner of the credit card is presented, accompanied by his original identity document.


Rental bookings made via WEB.

The immediate payment is not required and the customer will be contacted by e-mail and if he wants to confirm the reservation he will be asked to make the payment, according to two modalities:

– providing credit card or prepaid details

– by bank transfer within the following 24 hours

In the event that the reservation is not provided, the reservation will be canceled.

After making the payment the reservation will be final and non-refundable.