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Art. 1_RENTAL REQUIREMENTS_ Requirement minimums in order to rent a vehicle are: Be 21 years old and have a driving licence for category B, good for the rental country and issued at least 1 years . The driving licences in non-readable Character in the rental country, must be accompanied by an International Driving Licence. The European Union citizens will have to provide the driving license and passport or identity card at the time of the withdrawal. Citizens who do not belong to the European Union will have to provide at the time of the withdrawal the national driver’s license, an International driving permit (or an official translation of the driving license, issued by the embassy or consulate – this is mainly used for Chinese citizens ). All documents must be issued at least one year prior to collecting the vehicle.  Customers will have to send by email to msrentautonoleggio@gmail.com details on any penalty points applied on the driving license, as may be rejected by the Lessor.Art. 2_VEHICLE EQUIPMENT/DELIVERY_ MS RENT CAR (here after referred to as Lessor.-) consigns to the lessee hereafter referred to as Customer,   the vehicle specified on the letter of chartering in good state of maintenance. The vehicle, unless otherwise indicated on the rental agreement has the full tank of fuel (if returned without the same, the service will be charged to the extent of supply of   15.00 € VAT incl., in addition to the cost of litres of fuel missing). The vehicle is equipped with the triangle for the emergency stop, a reflective Jacket, the usual gears, rubber escort or repair kit, coupon for public-liability insurance and all documents necessary for the movement, the price also includes routine maintenance, oil and lubrificant. Upon request we have, to ulterior disposition of the Customer, payment vehicle accessories (to see “Special equipment”). Normally, unless a different customer’s request and / or availability of the fare, these include insurance cover (see “Vehicle Insurance”) and government taxes. The customer takes delivery of the vehicle through the signing of the rental agreement with the specific approval of these general conditions and declares that he has verified that the same is in a good state of maintenance, as described by the Lessor in the rental agreement, fit for established use and equipped with all accessories indicated.

Art. 3_SPECIAL EQUIPMENT_Snow chains from 30 € (VAT included) for rental, support ski and car roff rack 45 € (VAT included) for rental, children seat 30 € (VAT included) for rental , raising for children 15 € (VAT included) for rental (Customers must notify MS Rent Car when children under three years of age and adults less than 1.5 metres in height will be riding in the vehicle so MS Rent Car can provide an approved restraint, for a fee, for the weight and height of the person who will use it. Customers are responsible for installing the restraint, which WILL NOT BE ANCHORED to the vehicle. GPS navigator 5 € with maximum for rental of € 100 VAT included (VAT included) per day (in case of loss or damage to the GPS will request a sum of € 200.00 VAT included. In case of in case of loss or damage of the children seat, support ski and car roof rack or the snow chains, the customer it will be debited 200 € (VAT included). Reflective jacket or warning triangle loss or damage 15€. Loss documents 120 € (VAT included) ; Lost keys 300 € (VAT included); Loss plaque 600€ (VAT included) ; management left € 50 (VAT included). GPS restitution in another location 60 € (VAT included) , Theft and / or loss and / or damage to the router : € 150 (VAT included); – Theft and / or loss and / or damage to the SIM card : 60 € (VAT included); Theft and / or loss and / or the USB cable is damaged : € 9 (VAT included); – Theft and / or loss and / or damage to the car charger : 9 € (VAT included); You can not return the router in an office other than the ones listed above , but if this happens for any reason , a cancellation fee of 100 € (VAT included) will be applied .

Art. 4_VEHICLE RETURN_In case of return of the vehicle in place and / or time different from that shown in the rental agreement, the customer undertakes to pay the applicable rate varied according to the terms of the lease, together amount for any other services in the Client and / or the driver have benefited in varying degrees from what initially indicated on the rental agreement. If the reservation is not cancelled at least twenty-four hours in advance, will apply a penalty of two days of rental. In any case, the return of the vehicle in a different place from that of the picking up (see “delivery /return out of place/time”), even If agreed upon with the lessor, implies an extra fare which will be calculated according to the time and piece of return, as indicated in the price list available on request at lessor’s rental office. When the vehicle, with the consent of the lessor, is returned during the closing hours of the rental office, the Customer shall pay the rental until the next ordinary opening of the office remaining liable for any events related to the vehicle in case of rental agreement based on a special rate with a minimum rental duration, If the Customer return the vehicle in advance, he shall be obliged to pay the fu ii agreed amount according to the above mef1tloned special rate until the natural expiry date of the rental. If the Customer wants to prolong the rental after the deadline set, the same is required to give immediate written notice to the MS RENT CAR to allow the extension of insurance coverage. Cleaning costs – will need to pay these costs in the case, at the end of rental, the vehicle required a superior cleaning, to restore the pre-rental conditions. Objects left in the vehicle returned to the Lessor are held to have been abandoned and the Lessor is under no obligation to look after them and return them. Any costs of disposal of abandoned objects on the vehicle will be charged to the customer

Art. 5_DELIVERY/RETURN OUT OF PLACE/TIME_ For the return, in general, there is a tolerance of one hour, after which it will be charged an extra day of 30 euro; For deliveries / return in urban areas there is a cost of 18 € (VAT included), in extra urban area 1,40 (VAT included) per km (minimum 15 € VAT included).

Art. 6_RENTAL PERIOD_The rental rates are usually calculated on a daily basis, as duration of twenty-four hours after delivery of the vehicle. If the vehicle has been booked, it shall be picked up within 59 minutes from the time agreed upon on booking, once that term has expired, the lessor may not guarantee its availability at the rental office. If the vehicle is picked up after the office hours, the lessor may demand an additional payment because the service has been provided after the office hours (see “ Delivery/Return out of place/time ”). In case of non-withdrawal of vehicle, if the reservation is not canceled at least 24 hours in advance the Lessor will apply a penalty of 100 € for the cars of group ABC. The customer undertakes to return the vehicle at the place and time indicated in the rental agreement and in any case, as soon as the lessor requires to return the vehicle, with the same accessories and in the same state in which he/she received it, without prejudice to normal wear. If the vehicle is not returned to the lessor within that date, the lessor may reacquire the possession of the vehicle in any way, even against the customer’s will, and the customer will be under an obligation to refund the lessor any expenses sustained. The rental is due also whilst the vehicle is kept after the expiry date of the term agreed upon, paying the best applicable fare among those published on the lessor information system will be applied or in any case , just the Lessor demands it. For an extension of the rental period, customers must go to the MS rent office to sign an extension document. Agreements cannot be extended by phone or by any other means of electronic communication, except for a different disposition of the Lessor. The deposit given as surety may not be used to extend the rental period under any circumstance. Therefore, if the contract is extended the customer must make an additional payment for such an extension, in the event that the Agreement cannot be extended because no vehicles are available or for any other reason, customers must return the vehicle on the agreed date and time to MS RENT office.

Art. 7_CUSTOMER OBLIGATIONS_The Customer undertakes:
a) to drive the vehicle and look after the vehicle and any accessories provided with it with the utmost care and in full compliance with any legal requirements; b) to ensure that during the period of the rental the vehicle will be always in optimal conditions a. to guarantee a correct functioning and the safety of its passengers, adopting every activity needed for those purposes with the utmost care and being understood that any upkeep operation shall be preventively approved in writing by the Lessor; c) to directly arrange to pay any fine raised against the hired vehicle during the period of the rental and to I refund the Lessor any costs incurred in this respect in addition to any payments made by the Lessor and, the administrative charges quantified in the information sheets available at rental offices (sees “highway toll/traffic violation); d) to relieve the Lessor of any claim advanced by third parties for damage to goods carried in the hired vehicle; e) to pay the rental and its incidental expenses according to the fares agreed upon at the sign of the rental agreement, as well as in case they were reassessed at the return of the vehicle because of changes incurred in the effective length of the rental and/or the place of the delivery of the vehicle through the application of the best fare related to the basis rental; f) to verify and fill in at the time of the return of the vehicle the “check In” blank indicating the state of the vehicle, explicitly accepting that, should damages be charged by the Lessor, not to fill that blank in would involve an implied waiver to the right of laying any claim afterwards; g) to indemnify the Lessor against any damages caused to the vehicle or its parts and accessories, including expressly those coming from the cost of spares, repairs and labour, transport and standing damages legal costs, up to the amount of the flat rat as indicated in the rental agreement and increased of the costs for the administrative management of the accident as showed at Lessor’s rental office; h) on presentation of an invoice, to recast the Lessor for expenses that the same should support for the fulfilment of monetary obligations arising, directly or indirectly, from the rental agreement , there expressly including sums due to unpaid highways toll, in addition to administrative expenses (see ” Highways Tolls / traffic violation”); i) Customer agrees now to charge for all amounts that are due, directly and indirectly, by virtue of hiring, even after the billing of the same amount, the credit card used to guarantee the payment of monetary obligations arising from this rental agreement; j) to acknowledge that he/she has no collateral rights of any kind over the hired vehicle or the accessories provided and that he/she is therefore not entitled to dispose of them in any way; k) to acknowledge that , in case of prepaied rental, the Customer agrees that the amounts due for extra services that means those services not included in the prepaied rental, shall be directly paid at the rental office, on request. In such case, the relevant invoices shall be issued directly by the rental office managed by the lessee which has supplied those services. l) The Customer undertakes to don’t provide untrue information on their generality, their age, their address and ownership of legal requirements for certification driving.

Art. 8_NON-AUTHORISED USE_The Client undertakes not to drive or use the vehicle and not to allow the vehicle to be driven or used: a)in circulation in the following state: Albania, Algeria, Bulgaria, Comunità Stati Indipendenti (ex URSS), Repubblica Ceca, Polonia, Romania, Repubblica Slovacca, Ungheria, Stati Ex Jugoslavia, Tunisia, Marocco, Siria, East States Turchia, Malta, Cipro. b) to carry persons or chattels for consideration; c) on sub-rental; d) to push or tow objects ; e) under the influence of drugs, narcotics, alcohol or intoxicating substances or of other substances such as to impair mental capacity and the capacity to react; f)   in races, competitions or speed trails; g) for any purpose contrary to the law; h) for circulating in prohibited areas end in areas of access or service to port and airport areas restricted to traffic, unless otherwise agreed upon with the Lessor; i) by any person not specified as a driver in the rental agreement and/or on the Lessor’s file; j) by any person who has given the Lessor false information regarding his/her age, name or address;
Art. 9_VEHICLE INSURANCE_ Rate include : a) Compulsory Insurance for the vehicle and Supplementary Civil Liability insurance to cover damage to third parties as a result of using the vehicle ( even people inside are defined transported third), this insurance does not provide coverage for damage to the rented vehicle, theft of personal objects of the customer. b)The road assistance 24h (Refer to documents on board the vehicle, full conditions available at the office of the Lessor). The Lessor is not liable towards the Client, the driver and members of their respective families for any kind of harm -including economic prejudice resulting from physical injury or damage to possessions -that they may suffer as a direct or indirect result of vehicle malfunctioning or accjdents caused by manufacturing defects. In any event the Lessor cannot be held responsible for any type of damage arising as a result of thefts. riots, fires, earthquakes. wars, force majeure and fortuitous events. The insurance cover is guaranteed and assumed by MS rent car’s insurance company and Is subject to the insurance policy’s general and specific clauses and current legislation. By signing the vehicle hire agreement, customers accept the conditions of the insurance policy, which are fully available to customers upon request in the MS rent’s office. Upon request, the customer will get the following insurance / exclusions / limitations of liability further if provided : insurance not included in the public-liability insurance for injuries of the driver, ancillary guarantees, socio political events, damage resulting from fire and theft, damage to the rental vehicle. The Customer’s decision to take up the aforesaid policies will be confirmed by special clauses appearing in the rental agreement.

Reduction of liability for damage to the rental vehicle (CDR Collision Damage Reduction) The reduction of liability for damage to the vehicle (CDR) is not an insurance. It is an optional coverage that reduces the financial responsibility of the customer up to the value of the insurance deductible , in case of damage due to an accident, attempted theft, theft and fire of the rented vehicle. Purchase of the SuperCDR will completely eliminate the financial responsibility. If CDR is not accepted, the customer is entirely responsible for the costs of repairing the damage, regardless of the circumstances in which this occurred. Will be charged for damage caused by willful misconduct or gross negligence of the customer, charging, in case of accident or without passive counterpart, in addition to the damage, the administrative costs incurred. The cost of repairing the damage includes parts, labor technical immobilisation of the vehicle, towing and storage charges.Cancellation of deductibles (SuperCDR)It’s possible to buy a cover for the cancellation of allowances . For stolen vehicles in Campania , Puglia , Calabria and Sicily, the deductible is not operating. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the COVER does not include Damage to: windshields, glass in general, outside rear view mirrors , roof, bottom of vehicle, damage to the upholstery and the inside of the vehicle, mechanical parts (ex . Gearbox, clutch , etc. ), tyres, tyre rims, Loss-of-Income for the days the vehicle cannot be used due to repairs; Tow-truck costs (within the limits of the provisions of the assurance that the covers the service), Battery recharge, Refuelling error, the loss of the vehicle documents , keys and registration plate

Cancellation deductible for damage and theft / fire

Groups A1/A/B/C: per day EUR 19,81 – Groups C1/D/E1/E2/F/F1/H/S: per day EUR 24,05 – Groups J/M1/N/N1/S1: per day EUR 26,88 – groups P: EUR 29,71 per day – groups G/U/V: per day EUR 39,79 (vat included).

Art. 10_ACCIDENT REPORTING (mechanical difficulties/accidents )_In case of breakdown or mechanical difficulties, the Customer, must call immediately the Lessor that must give authority for repairs or replacement cars. In the event of an accident, the Client undertakes’: a) to immediately inform the Lessor by phone and to send it in the next 24 hours e full and detailed report on the form attached to the vehicle’s documents (CID form); b) to inform the nearest police authority; c) not to give declarations of responsibility in the event of uncertainty as to how the accident occurred; d) to take a note of the names and addresses of the parties and witnesses; e) to provide the Lessor with any other useful information; f) to follow any instructions that the Lessor may provide concerning the safekeeping of, and repairs to, the vehicle. The Customer shall always refund accident’s administrative costs of 75€. In case of break down and/or accident, should not the Client have recourse to the lessor’s assistance net- work, any expense he/she faces including overnight stay and road service, will be paid exclusively by the Client.

Art. 11_THEFT AND FIRE_In the event of theft, partial theft or fre of the rented vehicle, the Customer undertakes to immediately report the occurrence to the competent authority and to provide the Lessor within 24 hours with the original document holding theft report In case of theft/fire, to the Customer the relative amount to administrative costs will be debited.

The limitations or exclusions of liability provided by the preceding paragraphs, do not operate in case of malice or gross Customer.

The exclusion of liability for theft and fire also not apply and do not eliminate, therefore, the responsibility of the customer for those thefts, partial or total, occurring in Campania, Puglia, Sicilia and Calabria regions considered high risk incidence of theft.

In case of non-delivery of the original complaint, Customer fell from the limitations and exclusions of liability under the contract

The rental price is due until the date and time of delivery of ‘original complaint, to the fare provided on the rental agreement or, if the complaint is delivered over the deadline for the end of the rental, by application of the best available rate on rental basis available at the MS RENT CAR. With the original of the complaint, the customer is forced to return to the Lessor the original vehicle keys. Failure to return the original keys of the vehicle, the customer is excluded from the limitations / Disclaimer contractually provided. In all the cases referred to in this article which are not operating limitations / exclusions of liability, the customer is required to compensate the Lessor, but its responsibility is limited to the market value of the rental vehicle, as reported on “Quattroruote” on the date of theft.

In the event of loss or theft only of the hired vehicle’s key, the customer is obliged to immediately notify the event to the Lessor and immediately denounce the fact to the competent authority, and to deliver to the Lessor the original complaint within 24 h.

The rental price (calculated according to the fare established in the rental agreement) is also due with regard to those days the vehicle has not been used. Whether the Customer is waiting for the replacement of the kay and, meanwhile, the return term indicated in the rental agreement expires, the Lessor may reacquire possession of the vehicle in any way, even against the Customer’s will, and the Customer will be under an obligation to refund, the Lessor any costs incurred and pay the rental due (If pending of the second key unsuccessfully spent the date of return of the vehicle indicated on the rental agreement, the Lessor, unless otherwise agreed with the customer, will regain possession of the vehicle in any way, even against the will of the same, and it will be required to reimburse the Lessor of the costs incurred in respect of payment of rental (calculated until the date on which the vehicle is recovered and on basis of the fare provided for in the rental agreement) as well as the amount due (indicated at rental office) for the key replacement service.

As said above, it is also applicable in case of vehicle keys locked inside the vehicle itself. The Lessor, in its indisputable opinion, can not grant a replacement vehicle in the event of theft, fire, destruction of all or part of the rental vehicle.

Art. 12_REPLACEMENT VEHICLE_On request of the customer, in case of failure, theft, accident, fire, and in cases where the duration of a maintenance operation is such as to allow immediate repair, the Lessor will retrieve at their own expense a replacement vehicle category City Car ( ex: Fiat Panda) exclusively within the Italian territory. The Customer acknowledges that the conditions of use, assistance and insurance cover of any replacement vehicle will be those specified in the documentation delivered to the customer at the time of collecting the vehicle itself and that, therefore, the Lessor will be entitled to provide the charge-back of some costs, among them – and by way of example – fines, insurance deductibles, refueling. The replacement vehicle will be retained only for the period strictly necessary to restore the main vehicle and must be returned within 24 hours of confirmation of repair communicated by the workshop. In case of failure to return within that period, each additional day of use of the replacement vehicle will be billed to the customer together with any increase in costs. During the period of use of the replacement vehicle, it can not be made on the same any maintenance.

Art. 13_PAYMENTS AND METHODS OF PAYMENT_Payment can be made in cash or by major credit cards,with the exception of rechargeable cards or electronic, after issuing special authorization from the issuing bank. The credit card must be headed driver. For cars group _L (luxury)__ MS RENT CAR requires two credit cards of different circuit. When used for paying a credit card of a third party with respect to Client, the Client is still obliged jointly with the person registered credit card. to pay the Lessor any amount resulting from rental. . All customers and/or additional authorized drivers will be jointly and severally liable for all obligations of the Customer arising from the rental agreement to the laws applicable to the same. Once the deadline within which the sums due have to be paid has expired, the Lessor is authorised to issue a debit note for interests at the rate applied by the European Bank (ECB) increased by three percentage points. The lessor, in case of previous default , may deny to the Client further rentals.

Art. 14_DEPOSIT_When customers sign the Agreement, they must make a deposit proportional to the rate for the vehicle to ensure compliance with the general and special terms and conditions set out in the Agreement. In the event of an extension to the rental period, the deposit must be increased proportionately to the number of days extended. The deposit is returned at the end of the rental period after the vehicle has been inspected and compliance with the Agreement’s general and specific terms and conditions has been verified. For that purpose, the deposit may he retained for up to 15 days after the vehicle has been returned.

Because of fluctuations in exchange rates and other bank charges, the MS RENT CAR is not responsible for any difference between the amount paid and the amount refunded. It is ‘necessary, therefore, that the credit card will be sufficient to cover all expenses. At the time of signing the rental agreement, the Client is obliged to confirm that payment and to provide a warranty and any other future obligations by the same credit card, and to Authorize the Lessor to use the same even for the subsequent expenses related to renting.

Art. 15_COMPLAINTS_In case of claim about the correctness of the rental agreement, they will make faith between the parts , the contained recordings in the MS RENT archives .Any claims re1ated to debiting carried out by the Lessor, might be made only after their payment and, however, within. and not later than, 60 days from the receipt of the relevant invoice.

Art. 16_TRANSLATION_In case of dispute, only the original copy in Italian is considered legally valid.

Art. 17_CONTRACTUAL CHANGES_No changes may be made to these Conditions without the consent of a representative of the Lessor vest ed with an appropriate written power of attorney Prices and conditions can change without warning.

Art. 18_RELATIVE NULLITY_The invalidity of one whichever disposition of this contract will not involve the invalidity of the contract of chartering in its totality.

Art. 19_HIGHWAY TOLL/TRAFFIC VIOLATION_In case of failed payment the highway tolls, the MS RENT CAR will debit, beyond to the cost of the toll, one ulterior amount of 25 € (VAT included ) for administrative costs.

In case of traffic violation, the MS RENT CAR will debit, beyond to the cost of the traffic violation, one ulterior amount of 30 € (VAT included ) for administrative costs.

Art. 20_ADDITIONAL DRIVER/YOUNG DRIVER_The Customer may require certification to drive one or more alternative drivers (€ 8 per day, with maximum for rental of € 155 (VAT included) , with the grant of the insurance cover/limited liability/liability exclusion being understood that these general conditions are fully applicable also to theme. To that end the Customer , relieving the Lessor of any legal liability and claim made by third parties, assuming the responsibility of their fulfilment pursuant to art. 1381 c.c. (civil code), undertakes: a) To fully inform and make available to drivers alternative these general conditions, in order to make them informed about the contractual obligations; b) as he/she is identifying the other drivers – according to the procedures stated within these general condition to previously get their explicit consent to communicate to the Lessor their personal data for any following processing stated within these general condition and the Privacy code. c) That data for alternative drivers are true, correct, updated and were acquired in full accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Code; d) according to “b” authorise the Lessor to process personal data of the other persons specified as drivers as far as it is specified within these general conditions and the Privacy code. The first two drivers will be on the rental agreement, but any additional alternative drivers will only be recorded on the computer system of Lessor. Young drivers aged 21-24 included pay € 8 (VAT included) per day up to a maximum of € 300 (VAT included) per rental.

Art. 21_MAILING COST_For every invoice, cost of 1 € will be applied

Art. 22_VEHICLE LOCATION_Signing this rental agreement, the customer expressly and unconditionally authorizes, the Lessor or any other person authorized by the Lessor, to freely monitor the proper use and operation of the vehicle rented through satellite or similar alarm systems, as well as to check any alarms or car movements outside the contracted area.

Art. 23_PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING_In reference to art. 13 of Legislative Decree 196/2003 (Italian Privacy Code), I agree that the Company MS RENT CAR, use my personal data for :purposes closely related to customer relations – purposes related to legal obligations of Community law, and the provisions issued by the authority in this standing by Law

– for commercial purposes, for protection of the legitimate interests of MS RENT CAR in court or elsewhere in accordance with the principles of law, for functional purposes MS RENT CAR to activities for which the customer is entitled to express consent or not.

Tirrenia, _____________Customer’s clear signature_______________________



This contract is regulated by Italian law. Any disputes arising with regard to the validity, interpretation, execution or termination of this Contract will be referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tribunal of Pisa.

In reference and effects to art. 1341 e 1342 (Italian Civil Code) expressly approves the content of all the clauses of this rental agreement, and Specifically those concerning : art. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24 and also any attachments to this contract.


Tirrenia, ______________Customer’s clear signature_____________________